ADIOS 2012


I feel like this is the first time in a long time that I have really begun to contemplate the year I am about to leave behind and the year ahead. I am ready to ditch 2012 and move into a brand new year that is filled with HUGE potential. When I look back at the year, the first place I go to is a year of such heartache. I lost an entire yoga community, I lost my father and became an orphan, my relationship with my husband was just ok and I was tired and exhausted most of the time. I know, STOP THE WHINING and do something about it!  So I found my own voice,  started to look at ways I could really begin to forgive my father, spoke to my husband about the ways we could make our relationship spectacular and started to set boundaries for taking care of myself. I have recently signed up for a 6 month personal growth life coaching intensive with the Handel Group. Finally someone to call me on my own shit, give me useful tools to stick in my tool belt and make sure that I am accountable for myself. It is time. I  am no longer living a mediocre life. This coming year I step into my ROCKSTAR life that I have worked so hard for. Limiting thoughts be gone….

2013 Mantra – I am intelligent, beautiful and stand in the light of my own potential. Life is sometime hard and I approach every situation with an open heart so that I can continue to grow.

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