Does Age Bring Wisdom?

Does Age Bring Wisdom?

Today is my birthday. I get very contemplated around my birthday. Yes, it wasn’t that long ago when the plan was to go out and drink. Today, I want to wake up early and embrace every minute of the day I was born. I don’t want to forget this day. I want to leave a positive impact on this day and everyday. So, does age really bring wisdom?  I think experience bring wisdom. I think to really be living your life and learning from all your experiences and moving forward brings wisdom. I think the more we discover our true nature, of who we really are and who we really want to be brings wisdom.  I want to grow old with grace and strength. I want to gain compassion, love and understanding. I want to continue to develop relationships. I want to forgive.

So today I continue to contemplate. I embrace this day by nurturing myself and gaining insight. I take a moment to thank the Universe for giving me this precious life and all it’s experience.

Live everyday. Embrace every moment. Be kind to yourself.

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