For What It’s Worth

I read somewhere once that we don’t get to live and not lose. Last week I lost, last week I became an orphan. I new this day would come, but somehow I don’t think you are ever really prepared.
My relationship with my father was far from perfect. Over the last 7 weeks of his life I had the opportunity to share my thoughts and feeling with him. I highly recommend for anyone who feels like they need closure with someone. The power of words is so important. You really never know, so why wait! They offer so much healing. Today after so many years of anger and resentment I hold only sadness in my heart. My thoughts are filled with fun filled times with my dad. This wasn’t alway the case.  I share with you his Eulogy that I read.

There are so many ways I could have started this Eulogy. So many stories I could have started with. However I chose a different route today. Through out my journey I have come to realize that all people in general want is to be FREE and HAPPY. I truly believe that this is what all people are searching for. Well today Irving, you are FREE.
My father lead a colorful life to say the least. If you had ever been fortunate to know him you would not have ever forgotten. This larger then life charismatic human being touched many people.
His stories live in all of us.
He leaves behind a family that I truly hope have some form a closure. He loved each and everyone of us to his best ability with the tools he was given. Thursday at North York General Hospital I shared some of my most intimate moments with my family. A family that was not always perfect but sure did pull it together on Thursday. I am grateful we were all together. I am grateful for stories that I have that have made me laugh and stories that have made me cry. I am grateful to have loved Irving. He has taught me so much about my life. He has made me the woman I am today. Strong, independent individual who is capable of anything. A fighter in my own right. I thank you daddy from the bottom of my heart . I hope today you’re looking down and your heart is full of peace. That your soul is no longer suffering. That your physical body is no longer at war. I hope that as you look down you see the people who loved you right till the very end.
This week I became an orphan. I hold my dad and my mom very close in my heart. I know that they are watching over us. Daddy today on fathers day. I celebrate you. For so many years I held so much resentment on this day. Today I get to honor you. My heart is at peace and I am FREE.

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