Ikea Furniture and Life

ikea So here I am, with a full bedroom set delivered to my home from Ikea. I’m standing in front of 9 boxes of heavy furniture just waiting to be put together. I am feeling overwhelmed and the limiting thoughts in my head are saying, “you should probably call someone to come help you.”  Just like life you sometime need to take a step back and remind your self that anything is possible. Seeing that it was my son’s bedroom set we were building I recruited him to join me. His first thought was “I think dad should be here to help.” Hmm… I wanted him to know we were more then capable of doing this.

Here’s the lesson…

– Lay everything out in front of you to make sure you have all the pieces (the big picture)

– Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can do this (trust the process)

– Keep the lines of communication open with the people around you (communication is key)

– Don’t give up. In the end it will all come together!

And so… after an afternoon of spending time with my son, the bedroom set looks fabulous. All the pieces have come together with no extra parts.

Now if I would have only ordered the right size slats for the mattress it would have been complete.



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