Planting a Seed and Watching it Grow

Four years ago I planted a very small seed with little intention. Sounds kind of crazy to say that out loud. Maybe it was because I wasn’t quite sure of what I wanted or maybe because I had doubt of what I was capable of. My friends and family were the people that believed I could do anything, nobody had any doubt except for me, and so the seed was planted. Everyday I spent countless hours watering it and watching it blossom and grow. There were mistakes and tears along the way but that seed seemed to be patient and forgiving. With lots of love and the ability to begin to trust my heart I watched in awe and amazement as this little seed blossomed into something so breath taking .

Four years later all the pieces of Buddha Rider have fallen into place. People have come together to practice yoga, ride bikes, share stories and empower themselves. Buddha Rider’s teachers are some of the most educated diverse group of teachers in the Collingwood area. Their dedication in shaping the growth of the studio is incredible. I feel so blessed to be part of this community. Thank you to all our students who without your commitment there would not be a Buddha Rider. Thank you to my family and friends for believing in me. Thank you to the Universe for supporting me in my own growth and transformation. I wouldn’t change one moment of it!

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