Television Watching Series

Ok friends, after much conversation on watching television and practicing yoga poses I have put together a series for you. This series was originally created so that I don’t fall asleep while watching television.

I usually start with a few poses that keep me moving as a warm up.
– Cat/Cow- start on hands and knees. Inhale look up, exhale round the back. 6x
– Child’s pose
– Straight leg lunge with a twist
– Knee down bow to the inside of bent leg
– Come up bend back knee and grab foot with opposite hand (thigh stretch)
– Pigeon
– Cow’s Face- cross one knee over the other, flex feet.  This can also be done on your back, but harder to watch television
– Legs wide apart keeping feet flexed and active bow forward. Then bow over to one side then the othe
– Fire Log- stack knee over ankle and ankle over knee, remember to flex feet to protect your knees
– Baby Cradle
– Seated forward bend
I can stretch this series out for an entire show. Sometimes even repeating the series for a second time

I figure if I am going to do something mindless I may as well stay connected to my body. Enjoy!

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