Thank You

Happy Birthday Buddha Rider

I wanted to take a few minutes today to sit down and soak it all in. It’s often hard for me to be in the moments that make my heart full. I find it uncomfortable to hear the praise from people and it overwhelms to to take credit for anything that has transpired at Buddha Rider. Truth be told… I don’t give myself enough credit. It’s so much easier to give it than receive it. So today, I stop, pause and recognize that I am part of the Buddha Rider culture. That after 11 years we are still creating, building and supporting a community. I thank each and everyone one of you. The teachers who show up everyday sharing their gifts, Kim who takes care of the back end of the business, the karma exchange volunteers who spare their time and YOU, the clients who show up day after day. It reminds me that no matter what we are all in this together. 

So thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Big Love, Shirlee

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