New Beginnings

I have tried numerous amounts of times to write my thoughts on the crumbling of Anusara. I have read countless letters of resignations and countless letters of teachers trying so hard to rebuild a community that no longer sits on a solid foundation. I have answered many questions from students, teachers and friends about where I stand. So here I go… I will do my best to verbalize how I am feeling.

As I was just finishing up my last certification video after 18 months of what felt like 100’s of video’s and a 30 hour written exam I received an e mail from my certification assessor to give her a call. In my heart I new what was coming. She was completely honest when she said “I have no idea what to tell you.” She proceeded to offer love and support and told me that regardless of where this goes or what happens I am a beautiful teacher.

Why was that piece of paper so important to me? Well I will tell you. During most of my life I have started many adventures, projects and taken on many hobbies that I never completed. I had made a decisions that no matter how hard this got and let me tell you there were many times I wanted to walk away I would finish this certification. At first I was angry, how could this of happened? How could 1 man completely destroy something that was so perfect? How could all these teachers walk away? As the weeks went on I new more information was going to surface. So I sat, listened, read and waited. Then something miraculous happened, all the chatter in my head got quiet. I started teaching without thinking if I was covering everything I was suppose to in my class to make it an Anusara class, I started teaching in a variety of different ways and exploring other avenues I forgot I even had. I realized I still have many teachers and new in my heart I new that things happened exactly the way they were suppose into order for me to transform.

So today I take the sit of the teacher. I have this amazing method that an incredible teacher taught me many years ago. It’s a method of Universal Principles that has taught me to love myself, create clear boundaries, heal my body and be the teacher that I am today. This teacher has allowed me to share it with 1000 of students and in return has offered them so much healing. So… Nothing has been wasted, everything is being used and my heart is filled with love and gratitude. I still have teachers, they are my children, my husband, my friends and my students. These are the same people that are my community. I hold the upmost gratitude to John Friend who has taught and given me so much over the years.

With love, light and gratitude!


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