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My name is Amanda Clayton and I am a Yoga Instructor here at Buddha Rider, a Prenatal Yoga Specialist, and a certified birth Doula with DONA International.  I will be returning to teach at the end of this month after taking some time to be with my family as we welcomed our second child into the world in December, a sweet baby girl named Emma.

As a result of the many benefits of my yoga practice and with the love and support from Shirlee, who stayed by my side supporting me during my labour and birth, I was able to stay calm, focussed, strong and connected to my breath which helped me to have a natural and smooth birth experience.

Yoga helps your body and mind throughout all of the stages of this life changing experience of bringing a new life into this world.  As many of you know, I struggled for years to bring my beautiful miracle babies into our family, it was my yoga practice that kept my stress and anxiety levels down and helped to keep my heart hopeful and to keep my body strong and healthy.

Let your yoga practice help you during the time while you are trying to conceive your baby, throughout your pregnancy and once your baby has arrived!  All of the many physical and emotional changes you will experience are easily adapted to when you take the time to connect to your breath and quiet your mind and allow tension to leave your body, creating the space for that which you desire!

Prenatal yoga prepares women physically, mentally, and emotionally for the natural process of childbirth.

Yoga Increases strength, stamina, flexibility and body awareness and it reduces fatigue and many of the sometimes unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy.

Some of the physical and emotional discomforts associated with pregnancy that prenatal yoga helps to relieve include back pain, heartburn, constipation, swelling, sleeplessness, depression and anxiety.

Yoga also improves relaxation and is beneficial for every stage of pregnancy and does not require any previous yoga experience, in fact many women first find and fall in love with yoga when they are pregnant. This is the time when women are the healthiest they have ever been as their focus shifts to create the best possible environment for their babies to grow in and this love affair continues as their lives change forever with the birth of their babies. Their yoga practice will allow them to move and breathe with more ease through the stressful newborn phase where sleep is limited and everything is new and sometimes scary.

Yoga will also help the pregnant women:

  • quiet their mind and allow the time to deeply connect with her baby
  • connect with her breath to not only boost the circulatory system and help the internal organs do their optimal job but also to assist with the discomfort of labour naturally by aiding in relaxation, comfort, confidence and maintaining focus during labour.
  • Prepare the mother for birth by strengthening and toning the muscles used during birth.
  • Relieve tension and ease back and hip discomfort by helping to reverse gravity.  As the belly and breasts grow and shift forward the posture shifts to accommodate this weight and can cause great discomfort.  Yoga builds up the muscles that need to be strengthened and releases those that are being strained.

We offer Prenatal Yoga classes every Monday evening from 6:45pm – 8pm, you only need comfy clothes to attend the class, drop in any time we have everything else you will need.

I also offer a workshop for couples, Using Yoga to Enhance your Birthing Experience.  The workshop teaches you tools and techniques to manage each stage of your labour and birth with specific yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation awareness so that you can have a calm and positive birthing experience.

I look forward to seeing you in class soon!




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