Wake Up and Pay Attention

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 2.36.13 PMWAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION.

Every experience happens for personal growth! Do you believe this statement? Well I do. Sunday morning I ended my regular morning routine with putting on my Mala and wedding band, however, my wedding band was missing. I did not pay to much attention as I headed out to teach for the day, there are many times I have misplaced it. As the day went on I found myself thinking about where it could be. The day turned into the evening and the evening turned into a full bedroom clean, bathroom clean and car clean. My heart was growing heavier as the evening went on.  By Monday morning I was a mess, I new it was gone. I met my husband for coffee when I noticed a small bruise on his face. When I asked what had happened he said “that’s been there all week.” There is was! My heart sank and tears began to fill my eyes. I sat there and cried. I cried for the lost ring, for the bruise on Simon’s face and for the fact that I had been so busy multi tasking that I was missing the small things. I had stopped paying attention.

Thank  you Universe for reminding me to slow down. Lesson noted.



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