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Yoga For Cross 


When I started researching this idea of yoga for Crossfit I realized that both are striving for the same thing.  The yogi or yogini is looking for ways to challenge themselves, play the edge, overcoming obstacles or limiting ideas with an effort that is minimal. The idea of only as much effort as possible in each pose. Crossfitters show up, push the physical and mental boundaries working towards improving themselves.

These two communities are very similar. The more time I spend talking to Crossfit people the more I realize this. I think these two disciplines go hand in hand.

Reason for Yoga in the Crossfit community

  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Yoga improves circulation. When you flush out muscles you get rid of toxins and can help with the delay of sore muscles by moving lactic acid build up. This will get you back into your workout faster.
  • Your breath control will increase.
  • Better body awareness and proprioception. The more you work on this skill the more efficient you will be in your burpees, box jumps or lifts.
  • Yoga and Crossfit are at different ends of the spectrum. Crossfit works the Sympathetic  Nervous System. That is the flight or fright response. Yoga works the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is the slow fluidity response. Having yoga at the end of a workout really does help with recovery time and transition into the rest of your day or evening.

Yoga Sequence for CrossFit

– Small warm up of side stretches from standing. Make up whatever feels good. Link the breath with your movements.

– 3 rounds of Sun Salutations. Sun salutations work your entire body. If you have no time for anything else, do these! You have a complete stretch series.

– Straight leg lunge. Stretch. Twist towards the front leg

– Pick 2-3 standing poses to add. Standing poses are hip openers. Ground and bring stability to the practice

– Mountain Pose – coming back to the place in the middle brings focus and ground. Take 3 full breaths here in and out through your nose

–  Downward Facing Dog

–  Hands and knees

–  Wrist stretches

–  Hands and knees back leg stretches – 1 leg up, external hip rotation to engage glutes toes face outward. Bring leg back to neutral and move across body to stretch sides of body and hamstring and calf muscles

–  Lunge back knee down – arm up and side stretch. Front foot angles out. Take front knee out side. Make sure ankle stay engaged

–  Switch sides

–  Plank

–  Cobra

–  Downward Facing Dog

–  High Lunge, straighten front leg. Lift Toes – hamstring stretch. Knee down – grab back foot – quad stretch (if possible)

–  Downward facing dog. 1 leg stretches

–  Plank

–  lay on tummy – quad stretch with cobra if its an option

–  Walk forward

–  Have a seat – # 4 from sitting. Cross one leg over other thigh. Lift chest. Breath 5 counts

–  Lay on back. Bridge pose 3x

–  Roll back up —  Head to knee pose

–  Spinal twist

–  supine – thread the needle

–  Cow’s face on back

–  Baby cradle

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