Religion or Spirituality

At the Friday night dinner table my mother in-law expressed that she thought the opening of this months newsletter seemed to be a little religious. She shared concern that the clients of Buddha Rider would be uncomfortable with me talking about the celebration of Maha Shivaratri. Although the opening of the newsletter was less about this celebration and more about a reminder of transitions in our lives and the things that limit our growth as individuals. These rituals and celebration of the Indian tradition are ways for me to connect more fully to the divine and to my community. It is not about religion but more about feeling of part of something. I find that yoga actually deepens my connection to the Jewish faith. It helps me continue my journey of transformation and stay open and sensitive to all the possibilities. It reminds me that I should celebrate all experiences and celebrate everyday day. Now who would want that. I encourage you do do something everyday that connects you to your true nature. I encourage you to challenge yourselves and to live everyday as a celebration.

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