The Breathwork Experience


Breathwork Experience
The way you breathe is a direct reflection of how you live.
Bringing awareness to your breath can permanently shift your relationship to life itself.
Breathwork is a conscious connected breathing tool used to literally cleanse your cellular structure and aide in bypassing the mind and it’s judgments in order to release any physical and emotional blocks that you may be holding onto. With this release comes permanent shift in your inner landscape providing space to recreate new pathways and new patterns for your authentic you. Open to your breath. Improve physical health. Find emotional freedom. Connect deeply.
Discover the power of your breath!

Mini Bio:
Serah Ruth Goldberg is an accomplished Breathwork facilitator and Registered Yoga Teacher that has been committed to the practice for over a decade. Having studied yoga and conscious breathing techniques extensively throughout India and North America, she brings a plethora of experiential and learned wisdom to her facilitating.

Date: Sunday April 27, 2014

Investment; $45.00

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