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Taming your Inner Voice


Do you feel tired all the time?
Do you have friend(s) who call you, download their problems, they hang up and feel great but you want to reach for a glass of wine? Do random people tell you there life story in public?
Do you suffer from anxiety and don’t know why?
If you answered yes to any of these questions.
Then this 2 hr workshop is designed to help you recognize the effects of others energy on a daily basis. Plus, you will walk away having learned the skills to do something about it. Our inner voice, makes us feel guilty if we don’t help everyone. Did you know that 80 percent of how you feel everyday is other people’s stuff?
Learn how to recognize how people make you fell. Learn to quiet the negative inner voice and create a calm balance in your life. Space is limited as this is an experiential workshop.
Suitable for anyone over 14 years of age.

Date: Thursday July 19th,

Time: 7:00-9:00

Investment: $55.00 per person.

To reserve a spot

The One Day Retreat

Full moon paddle

Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training – Living Your Yoga – New YTT starts September 2017! 


Ashaya (AH-shy-ah) is a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart.” The word also refers to the heart as a place of refuge, a sanctuary of the deepest aspects of the Self. Like a safe haven within, it is a protective harbor where we anchor the most treasured parts of the Self.

Why Ashaya?

Ashaya Yoga® blends therapeutic alignment techniques and positive heart virtues with the empowering teachings of yoga philosophy. This transformational yoga of body, mind, and heart not only supports the deepening of your yoga practice, but serves as a tangible means of developing the capacity to meet life’s challenges off the mat with poise and equanimity.

Is teacher training for you?

Looking to deepen your practice or wanting to teach yoga? Either way this program will support you in connecting more fully with your heart. When we connect deeper to our hearts and listen more closely we can hear the sublte messages from the Universe. This 10 month program is meant to support your growth and development in all area’s of your life.

What can I expect?

The teacher training program will meet 1 weekend a month. You will practice yoga, learn more about yourself and begin to open up in ways that will help you to connect more fully to yourself and the people around you. You are expected to attend 20 classes at the studio over the course of the year. If you are traveling for the program other arrangements will be made. 10 of those classes will be hands on assiting.

Program Dates for 2016-2017

September 8-10, Ocotber 13-15, November 17-19, December 8-10, January 12-14, February 9-11, March 2-4, April 6-8, May11-13 , June 8-10 (weekend retreat)

Weekend Schedule

Friday Evenings – 6:00-8:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 7:30-8:30 AM (morning practice) – 11:30 AM-6:30 PM

June Retreat Weekend – Friday 2:00 PM – Sunday 1:00 PM

*Times may vary depending on group size


Minimum 1 year of yoga experience with regular practice for the past six months, or by teacher’s permission.
A sincere desire to learn, grow, open your heart, and be coached.
Acceptance into the program is based upon approval of your application. Pre-Requisites

Course Content

During this course you will cultivate skills needed to teach a masterful and inspirational class, including:

Discover your authentic voice and unique gifts as a teacher.
Teach with confidence, clarity, and technical precision.
Learn elegant alignment techniques that create safety and healing in poses.
Study postures in extensive detail, including common misalignments and corrections, and use of props.
Teach with inspirational themes and heart-oriented language that speaks directly to the heart of the student.
Learn basic anatomy and kinesiology as related to specific yoga postures and key actions in the body.
Explore subtle energy anatomy including chakras, nadis, kundalini, and the five koshas.
Observation skills, demonstration, verbal and physical adjustments.
Learn effective and creative sequencing.
Guide powerful introductions, centerings, and Savasana
Study yogic philosophy, including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and an introduction to Tantra. Learn practical ways to integrate these teachings into a yoga class.
Receive individual coaching and mentoring within small practice teaching groups.
Develop conscious communication skills.
Release blocks that hold you back and learn life-affirming skills in a safe and supportive environment.
Learn the business of yoga including professional practices and ethics.
Be an active member of a vibrant learning community that will support you in your endeavor towards full expression.


Cost is $3400.00 +HST

Includes a 20 class pass at Buddha Rider

Binder and training material

Does not include required reading material

Required Readings

Tantra Illuminated, by Christopher Wallis
Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by B.K.S. Iyengar, Georg Feuerstein, or Edwin Bryant
The Bhagavad Gita, trans. by Juan Mascaro, Stephen Mitchell, or other

Meditation and Savasana:
Ecstatic Meditations For Enhanced Living, CD, by Todd Norian
Savasana: Guided Relaxations For Enhanced Living, CD, by Todd Norian

Key Muscles of Yoga, by Ray Long

Other Books recommended

Hatha Yoga:
Light on Yoga, by B.K.S. Iyengar
Yoga: The Iyengar Way, by S. Mehta
The Heart of Yoga, by Desikachar
Relax and Renew, by Judith Lasater
Light on Pranayama, by BKS Iyengar
Refining the Breath, by Doug Keller
The Breathing Book, by Donna Farhi

Meditation for the Love Of It, by Sally Kempton

Poised for Grace, Commentary on the Gita, by Douglas Brooks on kindle
Exquisite Love, by Bill Mahony
The Radiance Sutras: A New Version of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, by Lorin Roche, PH.D.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika, by Swami Vishnu-Devananda (Tr.) or Hans Reiker (The Yoga of Light)
The Four Desires, by Rod Stryker
The Yoga Tradition, by Georg Feuerstein

Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith
Eastern Body, Western Mind, by Anodea Judith
Waking the Global Heart, by Anodea Judith
Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carolyn Myss

Women’s Yoga:
Yoga for Pregnancy, by Sandra Jordan
The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health, by Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden
Yoga: A Gem for Women, by Geeta Iyengar
A Time to Align, by Sue Elkind

Yoga for Osteoporosis, by Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall
Yoga for Arthritis, by Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall

The Ethics of Caring, by Kylea Taylor and Jack Kornfield

Trail Guide To the Body, by Andrew Biel
YogaBody, by Judith Lasater
Yoga Anatomy, by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews
Anatomy of Movement, by Blandine Calais-Germain
Key Poses for Hatha Yoga Vol. 2, by Ray Long


Payment options

Deposit: $500 is due upon acceptance into the program.

Balance: Due one week prior to the beginning of the program.

Payment plan options are available. Contact Shirlee at shirlee@

At-Home Study

Assignments are given between segments to facilitate integration of the teachings. The homework constitutes an important aspect of the overall training and provides a structure of support for the learning process at home. The assignments include daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, keeping a sadhana journal, weekly check-ins with study buddies, observation of other classes, practice teaching to friends, family, and/or students, required reading, written exercises, and take-home exams.

Absentee Policy:

It is important that you attend all of the program training. If you do miss a day you must make it up on your own time through a workshop approved by the teacher training teachers of Buddha Rider at your own expense.

For further questions or to receive an application please e-mail Shirlee directly at
Or call the studio at 705 444 2266

Shirlee Williams has been teaching Teacher Training Programs for 6 years through Buddha Rider. She is excited to be offering Ashaya Yoga In Depth Program at Buddha Rider Yoga and Cycle Studio.

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Once you become certified, you may register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour level RYT.


To receive an application or for more information please contact Shirlee directly


Living Your Yoga – 300 Hour Ashaya Yoga Training – STARTS IN JAN 2018
Shirlee is so excited to introduce the first ever 300 Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training in Canada! Thinking about diving even deeper? This program is for you. We will be working through a variety of modules that will cover everything from yoga and physiotherapy to Functional Movement and anatomy. Get ready for a life changing program.
10 modules  in 10 months. Module titles will be posted shortly. Some of the modules will be open for other participants to join.
Program dates:
Jan 26-28, Feb 23-25, March 23-25, April 27-29, May 25-27, June 22-24, July (TBA), September 7-9, October 19-21, November 16-18.
Investment: Full tuition $4400
                   Early Bird $4000 (save $400) must be paid in full
                   Payment plan options available
Registration opens September!
Those looking to take the 300 hour Ashaya Training who have not completed an Ashaya Yoga 200 hour training must  join us for 200 hour modules in November and December. The cost is only $300 and includes the 200 hour training manual. Of course you are more then welcome to particpate in more weekends with the 200 hour group.
Any questions please email

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